Rejection Doesn’t Matter To This Asian Guy + PUA Infield Examples

No man likes getting rejected by a woman, but never take it personally. In fact, you want to reframe the entire encounter as HER GIFT TO YOU. It’s the gift of time, honesty and sincerity so you know to look elsewhere.

You don’t want someone to waste your time with false interest or, worse, use you like a gold digger. Instead, be classy and even when you are rejected, wish her a nice day. There’s no reason to be upset or angry about any rejection.

After all, whenever a girl rejects you, realize that she’s not rejecting YOU. She doesn’t know who you are after just a few seconds or even minutes. Instead, what she’s rejecting is YOUR APPROACH or TECHNIQUE. There’s something off about what you said or did.

And that’s one of the great things about being a guy. You can always improve upon your technique so that your next time you approach a woman, it’s more smooth and well-received. You can fix your body language, your tonality, your facial expressions, and a host of other techniques by letting your best genuine, authentic self express itself from inside of you and out into the world so people can see the real you.

In this PUA Infield video, we have approach examples from ABCs Coach Dash (from Sydney, Australia) is in Los Angeles for the first time doing some approaches for three days. As it was his first time, he was a little nervous, but notice how he doesn’t let rejection and when women blow him off, to upset him.

Dash simply laughs it off, smiles, and wishes the girl a nice day. He’s classy about it and moves on to approach the next girl with a pleasant smile and positive energy. And over the course of three days, despite all the rejection, he never let’s it get him down and by the end of it, he’s lined up numerous phone number closes and dates for the week that he stayed in Los Angeles.

Rejection doesn’t matter to this Asian guy and it shouldn’t matter to YOU!


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