5 Tips to Overcome an Infidelity

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It has always happened to us that the couple we love has betrayed us and not knowing what to do, we ask for advice from friends and family to overcome an infidelity.
Fidelity is one of the points that couples usually put to the highest standards when they choose their partner. When infidelity is discovered, feelings of sadness, disappointment, and low self-esteem can not fail to feel the affected couple.
In an interview with the site Salud180, Dr. José Alejandro León, guides you with these tips to overcome an infidelity.
1. Think clear.
Rage and pain can cloud good judgment, so it is better to wait for things to calm down; Later, talk to your partner and evaluate the possibility of rebuilding the relationship or definitely opt for another way.
2. Take your time.
The best way to overcome a bad experience is to give yourself time to know how you feel and realize what you need to be able to heal. Each experience is unique, although there are generalities, each one has a different form and rhythm of punishment.
3. Be Realistic.
Assuming deception and how you feel about it, is fundamental in recovery. There is nothing wrong with asking for advice from others. Keep in mind that you have not done anything wrong, but there is also responsibility on your part.
4. Opportunities.
After suffering an infidelity and recognizing the impact it had on your life, establish an objective of overcoming and rebuilding your self-esteem. Do not compare yourself with anyone.
5. Love again.
Giving yourself a new chance and opening your heart to another person will only bring you positive things. Avoid hate and resentment and avoid thinking that all are the same.
If at any point in the whole process you feel that you can not deal with the emotions, remember that it is advisable to go to a specialist, who will help you get over it and give you tips to overcome an infidelity.

(Source: Salud180.Com)

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